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Easily convert your files to Word, Excel & PPT online.

With our free online PDF converter, converting your files is a breeze. You can upload the files you want to convert from your desktop, Dropbox, or Google Drive, and you can even convert PDF to Word.

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Combine & merge multiple files

Stay organized by combining multiple docs into a single PDF file.

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to combine and merge your PDF files, you’ve found the right tool. Our free online PDF merging feature allows you to:

• Upload multiple PDF files
• Merge all files with just one click
• Save merged files to your desktop

Permanently rotate pages

Rotate the pages of your PDF file in any direction.

Most PDF software allow you to rotate your pages, but once you close your document, your changes will not be saved. Our free online PDF rotator allows you to:

• Select your preferred PDF file
• Permanently rotate it clockwise, counter clockwise, or 180°
• Rotate entire PDF or selected pages only

Easily compress PDF files

Effortlessly reduce the size of large PDF files.

If you’re having trouble with your PDF file because of its size, our online PDF compressor tool is ready to give you a helping hand. With our online PDF compressor, you can:

• Choose a fairly large PDF file
• Hit the Compress button
• Download & save the newly compressed file

Protect confidential information

Protect your important documents with strong passwords.

If you’re working with confidential information, you’ll need advanced security features to help keep your data safe. Our online PDF protection and security features allow you to:

• Add a 128-bit AES password
• Set your preferred permission levels
• Enable or disable printing by other viewers
• Enable text screen reader for the visually impaired

Create & edit PDFs with Soda PDF Online

Create PDFs from 300+ formats and edit text online.

Join the online PDF revolution with Soda PDF Online. Whether you want to create PDFs or edit text and images, Soda PDF Online is the right software to get the job done.

• Create PDFs from any printable file format
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• Review and annotate your work
• Insert various page elements and links

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